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  • 6061 aluminum laser cut
  • Vented to atmosphere
  • Internally baffled
  • Exceptional welds
  • Available in coated black or raw finishes


Through the years, owners have faced the real challenge of remediating oil blow-by issues in various applications, specifically for track enthusiasts and boosted setups. It is known that the S2000 engine suffers from blow-by gasses during extended right hand corners. These issues are compounded for boosted applications that have higher levels of pressure and oil consumption. The valve cover's baffle traps this oil and it is vacuumed back through the intake manifold via the PCV.

The solution, then, is to place a line from the PCV to an oil catch can to collect the blow-by gasses. Our design sends the PCV (after drilling out the valve) and front valve port to our internally-baffled can. Our design is an open loop system that vents to the atmosphere, thus, not requiring vacuum. We have found that this design strikes the best balance between performance and oil consumption during high duress usage.


NOTE: Due to the nature of crafting this product from aluminum, cans may have weld etching and/or tooling marks.

The catch cans were designed to reuse the OEM factory bolt on the driver side engine bay wall. As a result, 99-05 model years will require the removal or relocation of the cruise control unit, and the addition of an 06+ coolant reservoir bracket.


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