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Brought to you by Renegade Motorsports - our S2000 brass shifter bushing replaces your factory plastic unit, improving both shifting feedback and long term wear.



The S2000 OEM factory unit is, for the most part, sufficient for everything it was designed to do. There are two areas, however, which we wanted to improve upon.

First, one area for improvement is the plastic material itself. Owners have reported that over time, being manufactured from plastic and responsible for many thousands of shifts over its lifetime, the bushing will deteriorate and/or crack as one would expect. As your mileage ticks up and this deterioration occurs, an increase in loose and imprecise shift feel becomes apparent.

Second, pulling from our experience in developing our highly regarded short shifter, we studied various configurations on how to further increase shifting feedback when utilizing the OEM shifter. Borrowing from the more commonly understood effects of upgrading suspension and engine mount bushings, our increased stiffness in material offers improved and more precise feedback to the driver.  

As a result, our brass shifter bushing can be used as a tuning upgrade, maintenance, or as preventative maintenance.  


What makes this product different from other offerings?

It starts by using quality materials and skilled machinists. Thoughtfully engineered through CAD, our design takes shape with a solid brass bar, which is then precisely machined into its pivot bushing shape. In the next stage we cut 12 relief slits to ensure the proper amount of stiffness is achieved for the ideal shift feel, while maintaining the appropriate level of durability.  We then have each bushing glass beaded to deburr any sharp edges, allowing for smooth shifts. The beading creates a uniform finish that improves the bushings strength and integrity. Each bushing then gets a 6-hour treatment in the tumbler to achieve its jewel like finish.


What all comes with it?

Each order includes a Renegade Motorsports S2000 brass shifter bushing and OEM UREA grease for installation. No other parts are needed.


Do I have to modify anything on my car?

Absolutely not. The Renegade Motorsports S2000 brass shifter bushing was designed to be a direct plug and play unit for all year S2000s. In fact, these are 100% reversible. The install should take ~30 minutes requiring nothing more than a 10mm socket, pliers, and a flat-head screwdriver. 


Note: Refer to our Short shift guide for shifter removal and installation.


Still have questions? Please contact us directly and we would be happy to help you through them. 


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