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Brought to you by Renegade Motorsports - our S2000 Carbon Fiber Center Console Tray (LHD), adds a superb aesthetic finish to your race interior.


*NOTE: If you are purchasing this as a part of the Renegade short shifter combo package, your console will ship first, shifter and knob when finished. Read description below clearly prior to placing order. 



Our S2000 carbon fiber center console tray adds a superb aesthetic finish to your race interior. It retains only the minimum controls necessary, keeping the interior uncluttered for a minimalist style. Our carbon tray is durable, allowing for additional controls and switches to be drilled and installed if desired. This is a simple and effective upgrade for a race interior of show quality. 


What makes this product different from other offerings?

It starts by using quality materials and skilled fabricators. Our trays consist of multiple layers of premium grade carbon and our signature high quality matte resin. We don't use any fiberglass fillers or clear coats; as a result, we are able to provide a product that is thin and light weight, while offering superior strength and finish. Each tray is water-jetted from our CAD designed layout. 


What all comes with it?

Each purchase includes a Renegade Motorsports S2000 carbon fiber center console tray only. The customer may choose to use 3M tape, rivets, or other fasteners of their choice.  


Do I have to modify anything on my car?

The Renegade Motorsports S2000 carbon fiber center console tray was designed for left hand drive (LHD) race applications that have gutted interiors. The center glove box must be removed. Installation requires grinding off 2-3 metal tabs depending on model year.  These tabs ordinarily keep the OEM console and hazard button in place, but would prevent the tray from sitting flush. If still using OEM seat belts, the electrical harness needs to be moved back approximately 3 inches.

The tray was designed to sit against the metal transmission tunnel, but can be installed over the leather or carpet cover; however, the tray may need to be secured with additional fasteners (rivets, etc. not provided). There is no provision for defrost or roof buttons. The console is precut for the AP2 hazard button; if using an AP1 button, modification of the button housing is required. The install should take ~60 minutes and requires an angle grinder or dremel-like tool.


*NOTE: Due to the nature of crafting this product from hand laid carbon fiber, trays might have slight imperfections.


Still have questions? Please contact us directly and we would be happy to help you through them. 


Disclaimer: Certain Renegade Motorsports products are sold for off-road use only. All performance modifications and installations are performed at the customer's own risk. Renegade Motorsports holds no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical, or other failure when using an aftermarket performance product, and expressly denies such responsibility. Renegade Motorsports makes no representations and assumes no responsibility for the legality of such items. Products sold for off-road use may be illegal in some states and provinces, and are intended for vehicles which may never be used on a  public road.