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Brought to you by Renegade Motorsports - the Renegade Countersunk Shift Knob enhances gearbox feel through improved ergonomics, weight, and counterbore.


 *NOTE: If you are purchasing this as a part of the Renegade short shifter combo package, your knob will ship with the shifter. 



The shift knob plays a pivotal role in assisting the driver to precisely navigate the vehicle down the road or track. The slightest change to the size, shape, weight, and/or height can have a measurable impact on the comfort and quickness of a shift, allowing the driver to stay engaged and focused on what is in front of them.


What makes this different from other offerings? 

Quality and balance. Like all Renegade Motorsport products, we are after the highest level of quality achievable in the aftermarket automotive market. For this reason, we use  premier precision grinder and machinist, International Grinding of California. Each knob is precisely machined to ensure tight thread tolerances and a show quality finish. 

After years of experience using dozens of knobs of various sizes, shapes, weights, and materials, we used this knowledge to develop the ideal balance.

Our knob's shape rest in the hand naturally, giving it an ergonomic advantage. The weight, whether 303 stainless steel or black delrin, was created with a driver's preference in mind.

Equally important is the height. We use a counterbore to move the knob height to the lowest area possible on the shifter. This naturally shortens the shift pattern, while giving the driver more leverage by sitting closer to the fulcrum of the lever. 


What model do you recommend? 

We recommend the 303 stainless steel model for the driver that prefers a heavy weighted knob. At almost one pound (15 ounces), the weight of the knob helps the driver row through the gears effortlessly. 

We recommend the black delrin model (with brass insert) for the driver that prefers a light knob. At 3 ounces, the weight of the knob is perfect for the driver who prefers to feel gear engagement. In addition, the delrin material stays cooler on hot summer days. 


Do I have to modify anything on my car?

Absolutely not. The Renegade Motorsports Countersunk Shift Knob is a direct replacement for 10 x 1.5 thread vehicles. The install should take ~1 minute.


Still have questions? Please contact us directly and we would be happy to help you through them.


Disclaimer: Certain Renegade Motorsports products are sold for off-road use only. All performance modifications and installations are performed at the customer's own risk. Renegade Motorsports holds no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical, or other failure when using an aftermarket performance product, and expressly denies such responsibility. Renegade Motorsports makes no representations and assumes no responsibility for the legality of such items. Products sold for off-road use may be illegal in some states and provinces, and are intended for vehicles which may never be used on a  public road.