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Brought to you by Renegade Motorsports, our Titanium M6 Bolts can be used in variety of ways to help enhance your engine bay, used as license plate bolts, and/or fender bolts, etc. 


What makes this different from other offerings?

It starts by using quality materials and skilled machinists. Our Titanium M6 Bolts are manufactured from premium US sourced titanium. Our bolt design eliminates the necessity to use a washer, providing a cleaner, lighter, and more simplified approach.


What all comes with it?

Each kit includes two (2) Renegade Motorsports Titanium M6 Bolts.


Do I have to modify anything on my car?

Absolutely not. The Renegade Titanium M6 Bolts are a replacement for most 10mm OEM bolts.


Still have questions? Please contact us directly and we would be happy to help you through them.


Disclaimer: Certain Renegade Motorsports products are sold for off-road use only. All performance modifications and installations are performed at the customer's own risk. Renegade Motorsports, holds no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical, or other failure when using an aftermarket performance product, and expressly denies such responsibility. Renegade Motorsports, makes no representations and assumes no responsibility for the legality of such items. Products sold for off-road use may be illegal in some states and provinces, and are intended for vehicles which may never be used on a  public road.