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Renegade Motorsports Carbon Fiber GT Wing Stands are here!

We have added the Renegade Motorsports Carbon Fiber GT Wing Stands to our catalog! Our carbon fiber stands - despite being solid, are lighter than their aluminum counterparts. They allow the driver to tune the wing to their desired height. They add a superb motorsport look to the car.  A simple and effective upgrade for the track or show, our stands come in a beautiful matte carbon finish. 

 *Note: We have encountered multiple stand variances. Due to different wing generations, wing types, and aftermarket replicas, ensure you cross check which stands correspond to your model. To confirm, verify the top angle of your stand against our Renegade Motorsports stands. In certain cases, you may need to purchase a Voltex stand for your J's, or J's for your Voltex. Failure to do so may limit your ability to adjust to the correct angle of attack.

Thanks for the continued support.



Car: 2007 Honda S2000. Owner: Hector Levario Photographer: Nick Krivak

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