Renegade Motorsports - S2000 Coolant Reservoir Install Guide

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Renegade Motorsports - S2000 Coolant Reservoir:
(1) Renegade Motorsports coolant reservoir and cap
(1) Braided PCV hose
(2) Renegade Motorsports spring clamp
(2) O-ring gasket (only one is used, the second is supplied as a backup).

Tools Required:
(1) Plier
(1) Flat-head screwdriver 
(1) Shop towel

Difficulty: 2/10 

Completion Time: ~10 minutes


*WARNING* Do not attempt install until the car has cooled. Hot radiator coolant can boil over and cause severe burns.

Note: Due to various radiator models on the market, the selected PCV hose and o-ring was sized for most radiators. Customer to do due diligence on fitment.


1. Once cooled - have shop towel ready for any potential coolant clean up. Remove radiator cap from radiator. Remove OEM reservoir hose from radiator receptacle. Pull straight up firmly on OEM radiator reservoir to remove.


2. Install braided PCV hose on to Renegade Motorsports reservoir receptacle. Install Renegade Motorsports reservoir back into OEM bracket. Push firmly to ensure snug fit. 

Tip: Install braided PCV hose specs facing down. Install spring clamp facing down on reservoir side. This makes the install cleaner.



3. Slip o-ring on to radiator receptacle. (only one is used, the second is supplied as a backup).


5. Use flat-head screw driver to keep o-ring in place, then slide braided PCV hose over o-ring and receptacle. Work o-ring around receptacle with screw driver to ensure o-ring has not folded or wedged unevenly. Slide spring clamp over o-ring and braided PCV hose.



7. Install radiator cap.  Pour coolant from OEM reservoir into Renegade Motorsports reservoir. Approximately 2 inches of coolant is sufficient. Enjoy!



Optional: If you are experiencing loose fitment on your radiator receptacle due to sizing, follow these steps below:

1. Cut ~1/4 inch from the OEM PCV hose to use as a thicker o-ring.

2. Firmly push this piece inside of the braided PCV hose until flush.

3. Install braided PCV hose over radiator receptacle. 

4. Slide spring clamp over braided PCV and o-ring modification. 


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