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Renegade Motorsports TI E-Brake Button:
(1) Titanium E-brake button

Tools/Supplies Required:
-Pliers (or similar)
-Microfiber cloth (optional)

Difficulty: 2/10 

Completion Time: 10 minutes

TIP: If attempting to save OEM brake button for future use, add several layers of microfiber cloth to the button while removing.


1. A look at parts, tools, supplies necessary for installation.


2. It is easiest to do the install from the passenger side of the brake lever where the shift knob doesn't impede your pliers during removal.


3. This is where you cover the button with the microfiber cloth if you are trying to preserve the OEM button. Get a firm grip on the OEM brake button with your pliers and turn counter clockwise. The button is seated deep, so keep loosening it all the way until you can remove with just your fingers.



4. Once you have the button removed it will look like this. 


5. Align your Renegade Titanium E-brake button to the receiver rod and tighten by turning clockwise. The button needs to only be firmly tightened by hand, no pliers necessary. This completes your install.


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